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These chainers are at the forefront of rethinking processes and methodologies in the agri-food sector. (more)

Solutions Makers are those innovative chainers that actively craft and develop cutting-edge technologies and methods, directly addressing the current inefficiencies and needs within our food systems. Their role is pivotal in transforming ideas into practical, actionable solutions that redefine how we approach food production and distribution.


Directly engaged in the agri-food industry, these are chainers identifying and articulating the sector’s needs. (more)

Solutions Hunters’ constant quest involves pinpointing specific challenges and areas needing improvement. Their insights and experiences set the stage for the development and implementation of targeted and effective solutions, bridging the gap between real-world needs and innovative advancements.


Leveraging strategic foresight, these chainers recognise the CITE tokens as key investment in the sector’s future. (more)

Citer‘s participation goes beyond the financial commitment; it’s a strategic move to support and benefit from the shared knowledge and groundbreaking solutions developed within the community. Citers know that by investing in CITE tokens, they’re not only securing a valuable asset but also contributing to a sustainable and innovative future.

a CITE to link them all

Our Chainers Intelligence Token Ecosystem

Every Chainer is a maker, a hunter, and a citer, actively shaping the agri-food industry. Our CITE Token connects these roles, rewarding the diverse intelligence and creativity with our encrypted NFTs that protect trade secrets and propel sustainable innovation in our ecosystem.

Intelligence Token Ecosystem (CITE)

The CITE token stands at the core of our ecosystem, acting as a crucial investment mechanism that facilitates secured transactions among our community of hunters, makers, and citers. Its supply, meticulously linked to global population growth, not only ensures our ecosystem’s scalability but also positions the token as a deflationary asset, encapsulating our collective knowledge’s exponential growth.

Our blockchain’s encrypted NFTs are instrumental in preserving trade secrets, embedding unique innovations and insights contributed by the community. These NFTs extend beyond value and recognition; they protect our members’ intellectual property, ensuring the safekeeping and exclusivity of their groundbreaking solutions.

How we are revolutionizing the agri-food sector

We are a Web3 marketplace connecting agri-food SMEs, solution creators, and investors in a secure ecosystem. Our CITE token facilitates transactions, holds knowledge, and ensures value, while encrypted NFTs protect secrets, creating a safe, innovative market. This ecosystem boosts collaboration, innovation, and the agri-food sector’s sustainability and tech growth, embodying our vision of a connected, advanced agri-food tech future.

Web3 Marketplace

Pioneer, first-of-its-kind platform for solutions, payments, financing, and trade secrets in the Agri-Food Tech industry.


CITE Tokens

The central investment and exchange mechanism allowing knowledge transactions among our community.

Encrypted NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets minted on our blockchain for trade secrets ownership or proof of authenticity.

Encrypted NFTs
Is it about ‘us’ or about ‘as’?

It’s about us as humans

We are an interdisciplinary collective of professionals globally, united by our long-standing commitment to refining value chains. At the heart of our endeavor is the agri-food sector, where we focus our energies on devising solutions to its challenges. As a global initiative, our aim is to contribute meaningfully to solving the intricacies of the agri-food chain, ensuring that our efforts foster sustainability, efficiency, and access at every level of food production, management and distribution.

A set of collective solution topics

AI logo

Artificial Intelligence

rpa logo

Robotic Process Automation

genetic logo


blockachin NFT


IoT logo

IoT and Unmanned Vehicles

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Some figures of the agri-food sector

Our main targets

>1,300 MTon

Annual Food Waste

>900 B€

Squandered Value


Country equivalent GDP

>6,500 TWh

Annual Energy Loss

>300 B€

Estimated Gross Cost (~50 €/MWh)

150% Japan

Country equivalent Energy Consumption

Empower Change with Data-Driven Insights

Explore our custom-trained ChatGPT model for precise KPI analysis and strategic insights in agri-food sustainability. Act now for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Shaping the Future of Agri-food, together

Reconnecting communities

Fostering a collaborative network of diverse chainers to build a unified, resilient agri-food ecosystem.

Rethinking processes

Innovating and optimizing agricultural and food supply chain processes for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Reducing Waste

Implementing targeted strategies to minimize food waste, maximizing resource utilization, and protecting the environment.

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