Is it about ‘us’ or about ‘as’?

It’s about us as humans

This is the forefront of a revolution. A revolution where technology meets humanity’s most basic needs: food. It’s staggering: as for 2024, in our world brimming with digital advancements, nearly 800 millions people still go hungry. Yes, this is 10% of the current human population.
We are an interdisciplinary collective of professionals globally, united by our long-standing commitment to refining value chains. At the heart of our endeavor is the agri-food sector, where we focus our energies on devising solutions to its challenges. As a global initiative, our aim is to contribute meaningfully to solving the intricacies of the agri-food chain, ensuring that our efforts foster sustainability, efficiency, and access at every level of food production and distribution.

Transforming Waste into Wealth

We are working to turning challenges into opportunities, data into decisions and waste into wealth.


Annually, we could save energy equivalent to 1.5 Japan by reducing food waste, benefiting the environment and economy.


Annually, we can save an amount equivalent to the Netherlands’ GDP by enhancing industry efficiencies.


Annually, we could save 900 billion euros by preventing the waste of 1.3 billion kilos of food, addressing a costly inefficiency.


Annually, we could conserve water equivalent to five Lake Constance volumes by optimizing food production, reducing dire waste.


Annually, reducing food waste could cut carbon emissions equivalent to those from 70 million cars, mitigating climate change.

Our Founders Team

Introducing the core professionals driving our initiatives with expertise and innovation

Juan Novelli, CEO

Juan Novelli


Being a process engineer with a background in the food industry and Michelin-starred culinary experiences, Juan applies his expertise as a consultant in R&D, R.P.A., and digital technologies such as blockchain to the agri-food sector. Combining culinary art with technological innovation, he plays a critical role in transforming food production. His efforts are complemented by Veronica strategic insights and Hernán technical expertise, collectively driving sustainable and technologically advanced food solutions.

Verónica Medaura

Verónica Medaura


Holding a PhD in International Business Development, Verónica specializes in international business strategy and ESG, focusing her career on sustainable development within emerging markets. Her blend of strategic advisory and practical implementation in tech-driven companies, along with a commitment to ethical corporate behavior, enriches the collaborative efforts of Juan and Hernán. Together, they push the boundaries of agri-food technology with responsible and impactful innovations.

Hernán Asorey

Hernán Asorey


With a PhD in Physics, Hernán is extensively engaged in R&D for scientific applications aimed at social good. Over the past 20 years, his expertise in numerical modeling, digital twins, AI, IoT, and blockchain has been pivotal in propelling agri-food tech innovations. He excels at leading interdisciplinary teams and harnessing big data across various fields, offering both technical mastery and strategic insight, enhancing the work of Juan and Vero in pioneering sustainable solutions in the agri-food sector.

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