Agri-Bees & Agri-Things

Revolutionizing Agriculture and Urban Management with AI-Driven Drones and IoT Sensors

Owned by TerraScience, Inc. (0x1aB3eB223F897e6318d1540f0e09F407B1F92867)

Licensing – 14’000 CITE (12’000€)

Terra Science grants La Vega Innova a non-exclusive license to use the Agri-Things and Agri-Bees drone technology for pest and disease detection in greenhouses. Valid from June 1 to November 30, 2024, this agreement includes The Food Chainers license standard terms. La Vega Innova accept these terms and pays in this act 14,000 CITES for usage rights, while Terra Science retains ownership.

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