Agri-Bees & Agri-Things

Revolutionizing Agriculture and Urban Management with AI-Driven Drones and IoT Sensors

Owned by TerraScience, Inc. (0x1aB3eB223F897e6318d1540f0e09F407B1F92867)


We combine two advanced projects for the agri-food tech vertical: Agri-Bees and Agri-Things. AgriBees uses swarms of low-cost autonomous drones with artificial intelligence for crop control, livestock management, traffic monitoring, and environmental pollution detection and management. AgriThings implements an environmental monitoring system based on IoT with remote sensors and MQTT protocols encrypted by blockchain. This system measures variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and air quality, applicable in greenhouses, fields, homes, and cities. Together, these solutions enable the creation and efficient management of smart greenhouses.

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